About Hitesi

Is an international organization commited to total support for the railway industry. The Company has a worldwide reputation for its quality products, reliability and efficient service.

The Company's on-site service carried out by an experienced staff, technical engineers and specialists in the field, gives the customer the high standard of performance required.

Worldwide Availability

Areas serviced are Canada, U.S.A, South and Central America, Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia. The Company deals with major railroads throughout the world, supplying them with a wide range of diesel engine and locomotive spare parts, consultation and other customized requirements related to the operational system of the railways.


Manufacturing is carried out with the latest technology available consisting of CNC and CMM machines and high precision conventional equipment which are operated by trained and highly skilled personnel. Parts are manufactured under supervision of our engineering group to ensure that they equal or exceed the performance of the original manufacturer standards.


The Company provides parts from various original manufacturers of locomotive products recognized worldwide in the industries.

Traffic Coordination – Hitesi’s Traffic Department handles its own import/export traffic. The in-house control and coordination ensures that the parts ordered reach their destination on time. Rush shipment services are available.

Export Packaging – Hitesi supplies parts worldwide . Materials shipped is packaged to conform to international shipping standards. Special packing and preservation is employed for shipment of merchandise by sea.


Assembly is carried out according to required specifications and the processes are monitored and inspected by our O.A. Department.


Hitesi's product lines are subject to strict quality control procedures at every stage of manufacture, assembly and final reception.

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